Friday, July 6, 2007

Delaney ~ American Citizen!

Delaney's first 4th of July was kind of quiet. We had a few friends over for a bar-b-que and Little Missy got to swim in her pool while Mommy sat in a chair with a drink and with her feet in it! I had planned to take a picture of her holding up her Certificate of Citizenship and all day long she keep saying to me, "American Citizen! Have it!" And I would tell her she did have it but she likes her certificate because it has her picture on it! he he!

Well, I never took her picture because by about 1 pm she had guacamole, cranberry juice and salsa all over her new dress I bought her that said, "American Sweetheart" on it! But we made star sugar cookies and put white frosting with red and blue sprinkles on them. She had fun with that! It was well over 100 on the holiday so our bbq headed inside! But we had yummy ribs, Mom's famous potato salad, corn and shrimp wrapped in bacon. We didn't make it to fireworks, she's still so little to stay up that late and Mommy had to work at 7 the next morning! Maybe we will try to find some this weekend, I think Marine World has some thru Sunday. But she knew it was a fun day and enjoyed herself and is still enjoying the cookies!! Here's a few picks I snapped of her!

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Andrew & Stephanie said...

She is just so dang cute!!!!