Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wanna Hear A Joke?

This evening Delaney told me her first "joke".....we were playing her Memory game and she said, "Wanna hear a joke?" So, of course, Mommy said yes....

Three year old Delaney: "How does a birdie poke a violin?"

Mom: "I don't know, Baby, how?"

With all the exuberence of a late night talk show host:
"With a HOT DOG, of course!!!!"

Okay, the joke isn't really a joke, and it really isn't funny at all, but it was correctly formatted and delivered!! So she's not ready for Jay Leno, but it was pretty funny and she was very proud of herself!

She proceeded to tell me jokes involving hot dogs and animals and snow all night!
I suspect there will be a lot more wherever those came from!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of Official 3 Year old Pre-K

The big day was yesterday...Here are what decent pictures I could take, lately she will not stay still for any photo or video. I know what you are going through, Jen!

Delaney's first "official" day of pre-school. She went to the same school last year in a sort of "pre" pre-school program in a different class...and went to the same classroom with the same teachers for the summer fun program and we have been there three times in the last week for a work day, interviews and isn't ALL new to her...

but it is her official first day of offcial pre-school and she was excited and picked an outfit and got new shoes and a new cross necklace.......when I asked her what they did, she said, "Oh, nothing. Well, we just sang, and that's all we did." I said, you sang for three and half hours? Finally last night she told me what they did. Ugh! Getting any info out of her lately is also grueling. She will make a good spy or FBI agent some day!