Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of Official 3 Year old Pre-K

The big day was yesterday...Here are what decent pictures I could take, lately she will not stay still for any photo or video. I know what you are going through, Jen!

Delaney's first "official" day of pre-school. She went to the same school last year in a sort of "pre" pre-school program in a different class...and went to the same classroom with the same teachers for the summer fun program and we have been there three times in the last week for a work day, interviews and isn't ALL new to her...

but it is her official first day of offcial pre-school and she was excited and picked an outfit and got new shoes and a new cross necklace.......when I asked her what they did, she said, "Oh, nothing. Well, we just sang, and that's all we did." I said, you sang for three and half hours? Finally last night she told me what they did. Ugh! Getting any info out of her lately is also grueling. She will make a good spy or FBI agent some day!


Beverly said...

My goodness her hair has grown so long!! Love the pony tails. She looks like such a big girl!!

S.Wise said...

She looks so excited to be at school!! So cute!!