Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can you do this?????

Finally....she's been trying, REALLY trying, for well over a year....not one by any other went unnoticed, not only that someone could do it, but more specifically that SHE could NOT! "When will I be able to do it, Mommy? How do you do it? Why can't I make any noise?".....that is...until.....NOW!!!!!! (turn up the volume...) ( you will also have to turn down the playlist volume at the bottom of the page...)

INTRODUCING......Miss Delaney, who can now SNAP !!!!!

She snaps at the dinner table, in the car, walking from the car, she has shown her teacher, her friends, a woman carrying a baby in ther parking lot, the cleark at Costco...all who have willingly indulged her....most importantly, SHE is very impressed with herself !!!! Not sure what is better, the constant effort or the constant least the snapping is pretty quiet..........

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Someone is FIVE Now!!!

It's just happened, she went and turned five on me!!
I freaked out a little bit, she is growing up so fast! She's gone right through a size 5, and size 11 shoe! Geez!

Delaney came home in Aug 06 at 18 months, I can't even imagine life before she came home, I never knew being a Mom was trully so wonderful.
I am blessed with a healthy, smart, witty, active, attached and beautiful little girl who randomly throws "I love yous" at me, is affectinate, kind and caring...oh, yes, and FIVE!!! She waffles between having good days and bad, but so do I! he he! Mostly she is a complete joy who never ceases to amaze me.
Here are some pics from her week-long celebration! We had a family/adult friends party at the house last weekend, which had a Hello Kitty theme, even though there were more boy cousins there! Mommy got her the two-wheeled scooter she'd been DYING to have, and she has thanked me every day since, saying, "It's perfect, Mommy! "I can't believe I have a two-wheeled scooter now!" Then on her actually b-day, she went to Chevys with my mom and a friend and loved that they sang Happy Birthday to her there and she got a hat! This past Saturday she got to have a party with her little friends at Build a Bear and it was great! First of all, 10 kids, and they were all SOOO good, it was like a Steppford movie! Second, it was totally fun! Delaney kept saying it was her best birthday ever! he he! I made little headbands for each kid with the Build a Bears on them and their names in glitter glue.

We went down to Red Robin afterwards and the kids got ice creams sundaes, cupcakes with Bears on them and juice and we opened gifts.

She is so excited to start "pindergarten" in the fall, Mommy is not! I want my baby back! But I am so proud of the person she becoming, and so thankful for getting to be her Mommy!