Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Time....Are We There yet?

It's been a fun and busy October! Birthday parties, hay rides, even Christmas shopping!!

Little Missy has planned to ask Santa for a pink scooter, which he dropped off already and put together! But we've visited a couple different pumpkin patches and Delaney is all ready to go trick or treating with her friends, Lauren and Valerie, as a pretty butterfly princess!

So we were actually off to Valerie's birthday party, when we are not just two minutes away from home and Delaney casually pops out, "There yet, Mom?" I first wasn't sure if that was what she had said. "There yet, Mom?" She just comes up with these sayings out of the blue! I can see if she had an older sibling who said that and she copied them.......now when we are out she has also started to ask, "Where are we going next?" When I tell her home.....she says she doesn't want to go home. Well, I guess her Halloween costume is perfect for the little social butterfly! he he! My fault, for always being in the go, I guess!

We are working on no drinks after dinner so she can get her big girl bed....it's time for her to be out of her crib and I am trying to work on keeping her dry at night, but that will probably be a while in coming, but she's buying it! Every night when I put her to bed she asks, "Why I don't got a drink?" And now she just likes the "routine".......Me: "You know why?" D: "Why, Mom?" Me: "You know...." D: "SO I CAN GET MY BIG GIRL BED!!!" D: "Santa make me what color one? A black one?" (Santa already dropped off the big girl big, too, it's white.) Me: "Santa doesn't make blacks ones." D: "Why not, Mommy?" Me: "He only makes white ones for the girls and brown ones for the boys?" D: "I am going to get a whiiiiiiittttte one? Like my crib? Yea, big girl bed!" D: "Sing Cheeseburger, Mommy......"

Her moon obession has lessened, but we still need to go loo at it and my mom told her she could fly there in a spaceship when she gets grows up, so she like to pretend she has a spaceship. She still asks why AND why not? Oh...and the poo-poo goes to Costco. She determined this once when she asked me where it goes when she flushes, but answered it herself! I have a lot of work ahead of me!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First Day of Pre-School !! All is well...not Mommy!

Delaney started the 2-day a week, 4 hours a day program at the Presbyterian Church today. Last week we went for an orientation and she loved it! She was so excited today and carefully chose an outfit (from choices I gave her) and loved her new lunch box that she picked out this weekend. She did want the SpiderMan lunch box, though, but I was able to talk her out of it. Here are some pics and the link to a little bit of video I took.


She did great....Mommy did not! I hung around for a while, went out to the car to cry and came back to check on her only to find her happily playing! When she got home, my mom called me at work to let her talk to me on the phone....."I played and ran and drew circles, a blue one and green one, and read a book ...and went on the big, big slide like this...." it was so cute!
Although, I am proud of myself ~ I had a meeting with a client afterwards and had to drive right back by the school on my way back to the office and although I was tempted..I did not stop! My mom said that Delaney was happy to see her when she picked her up and then asked where I was! Thank goodness!! he he!