Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Long Time No Post!!!

Okay ~ I am SOOO sorry my fellow bloggers and followers!! I admit, Facebook has recieved my attention these last several months!! FB is quicker and I can update it from my Android phone! (new this summer!!) (that's another post! LOL!)

This is my attempt to once again stay updated on the blog! So, for a quick review...
BUSY SUMMER! Delaney finished up spring soccer, had a big dance recital, cooking class, science camp, tennis lessons, vacation bible school...AND her very first trip to Disneyland! We spent a week down in LA, three days at the Happiest Place on Earth, where nothing went fast enough or high for my daredeveil of a five year old!

She disovered pin-trading and started out day one with one pin and ended day three with eight (???) We spent one day at California Adventure with my wonderful girlfriend from college, Lisa, and her family, husband Wayne, and son, Cory.

Cory is a month older than Delaney and they love each other so much! We also had dinner one night with them at the Rain Forest Cafe, it's too bad we live so far from them. It was a really great trip! Zippity Do Da! We spent a day at the beach jumping in the waves and collecting shells! Still not sure what LM loved more, Disneyland or staying at the hotel (it has a pool y'know!)

Well, the REAL news, as Little Missy will tell you, "I started school!" Kindergarten began on August 18th...on which said day, she was up and dressed and had tied her shoes on her own for the very first time at....6:30 AM!!! Her kindergarten starts at 11:30 AM!!! HA!

Most said, "Oh, that will last about a week."...well, as of Nov 19th...we are still getting up early and getting dressed and ready, occasionaly making lunch.......I am never going to get to sleep in EVER again! She finishes her homework in a day, (she has a week), and LOVES being a Spanish Immersion Program! So much so, that she feels the need to correct my Spanish, (never mind I've been speaking it all my life!)

As we start off the holiday season, here's wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and hoping we can all be reminded of all the blessing in our lives, I know I am blessed with a lovely little Spanish speaking kindergartner! Hasta luego!