Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

OMG ~ 2010 !!! Really, it's 2010 !!!!
Hope you are all looking forward to a good year for yourselves and the world! Let's pray things look up for us all !!

We spent New Year's Eve at Holiday in the Park at Discovery Kingdom! It was fun, we went with our neighbors, so I got to ride on some coasters this time! I often have to skip becasue there is either no one ot watch the kids or no one to ride with me, and we all know it's WAY more fun to scream bloody murder with friends!

Delaney played and won her first "amusement" park game...that's what she is holding, her little friend was not happy about that, had the roles been reserved, Little Missy would not have been happy! Lesson learned: 4 year olds do not know how to lose.

But a hug from Frosty made it all better!!! She hugged him when she was two here, also...she has always loves snowmen becasue they have hats!

Happy New Year, did I tell you it was 2010 ?!?!?!?