Monday, April 4, 2011

Once Again, Time Slips in Blogland....

Oh, I see many visitors from around the world......remember to say Hi!! (hint hint!)
Well, I knew when I started this blog I would get behind on posting, and now thanks to FB.....well, I know many of you are there, as well.

Since the new year we've been fairly busy with school activities, and fundraisers, we had Carnaval! That was so much fun..(I'll add pics shortly)..and....we had the BIG 6TH Birthday Rock Star Party Bash at the gymnastics center in Feb!!! Luckily the theme changed from SpongeBob to Rock Star, thanks to a visit to Party City! Super fun party and Mommy took some time off to volunteer at school on her acutal b-day as well take her to paint her own pottery. (Thanks to a gift card I won at the last school fundraiser...see a theme here??? ugh.) I also dusted off the sewing machine and MADE LM a dress for her birthday! It's on the far left had side of the sofa in her "loot" photo! Not too bad for all these years of not sewing, I might say!

We have been sick most of March but are all on the mend now! My mom had to be taken to the ER, but all is well! Most of LM's class was out all month! I am sure one of those kindergartner's is responisble for my ails!! he he! Oh, perhaps mine!!!

We had fun at the Russian Festival in Feb, also. We enjoy going every year and this year went with our friends Karina and Alice. Karina is from Kaz, but they enjoyed the dancing and food, too! Who wouldn't?? Yummy!!!

Keeping this short and with pics......