Sunday, April 6, 2008

Some Delaney-Isms.....

At just-turned three and even before, Little Missy has sure come up with some interesting sayings.......thought it would be fun to share them......

*Upon me making a different decision than previously stated: "Mom, you just changed up your mind!"

*When she's had something in her hand for a while: "I've been holding this for a long-time-ago."

*Once I cut her finger while clipping her nails, it bled pretty badly, she cried, and then even harder when she saw the bleeding, "Moooommyy....IT"S BLUE!" ( my blue-blooded Russian!)

*When she wants you to give her something you have to eat: "We're family, we HAVE to share!"

*Upon needing more information about a situation, TV show, or something she sees, "What's this all about?"

*She has never been able to say banana. She understood the Russian word for it when she first came home, "Banan". But it has been, "nana", "by-too" (?), some other things, and now, "bee-anna".

*To stall: "I'll be done any minute now."

*I have had the first "Whatever" just before turning three. I asked her if that's what she said, so now she says, "Did you say whatever?"

*When I want to dress her up and do hair when we go some place nice: "Okay, do whatever you want!"

*There are times I just cannot allow something that's not safe....."But, Mom, how can I use my imagination if you keep telling me no?"
*When she wants touse something of yours: "Can I bother this?" (borrow)
*Did that guy fall in the water, "or something" ? is often added to the end of her sentences.
*This is my favorite: "Blanklet" (blanket)

There are more from my mouthy child....we will save some for later!!!