Sunday, April 6, 2008

Some Delaney-Isms.....

At just-turned three and even before, Little Missy has sure come up with some interesting sayings.......thought it would be fun to share them......

*Upon me making a different decision than previously stated: "Mom, you just changed up your mind!"

*When she's had something in her hand for a while: "I've been holding this for a long-time-ago."

*Once I cut her finger while clipping her nails, it bled pretty badly, she cried, and then even harder when she saw the bleeding, "Moooommyy....IT"S BLUE!" ( my blue-blooded Russian!)

*When she wants you to give her something you have to eat: "We're family, we HAVE to share!"

*Upon needing more information about a situation, TV show, or something she sees, "What's this all about?"

*She has never been able to say banana. She understood the Russian word for it when she first came home, "Banan". But it has been, "nana", "by-too" (?), some other things, and now, "bee-anna".

*To stall: "I'll be done any minute now."

*I have had the first "Whatever" just before turning three. I asked her if that's what she said, so now she says, "Did you say whatever?"

*When I want to dress her up and do hair when we go some place nice: "Okay, do whatever you want!"

*There are times I just cannot allow something that's not safe....."But, Mom, how can I use my imagination if you keep telling me no?"
*When she wants touse something of yours: "Can I bother this?" (borrow)
*Did that guy fall in the water, "or something" ? is often added to the end of her sentences.
*This is my favorite: "Blanklet" (blanket)

There are more from my mouthy child....we will save some for later!!!


Joy said...

By far I think this is the funniest. You must be teaching her about sharing and obviously she understands and practices this lesson. "We're family, we HAVE to share!"


Jeana said...

Love the blue arms!

MandyJo013078 said...

Happy Mother's Day! Delaney is so Cute! Have a great day!

Shay said...

Oh my what fun!!

Anonymous said...


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