Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hidy hi Ho!!  (where did that come from?  LOL!)   My poor blog, my poor blog readers, my poor followers.....yes, it has been almost two years since I updated!!  Sadly, Facebook has gotten hold of me and cable tied my computer behind my back!  

But I decided to try to update and try to be good about it!  If you are on FB, you are updated about what's been going on in the World According to Delaney!  Here's quick rundown:

2011:  Done with Kindy!  Summer camp: Cooking Camp, VBS and Soccer Camp!   Fun trip to Universal Studios and San Diego.  Delaney got to be a flower girl in my niece's wedding! Delaney is baptized!  Huge party and wonderful mass.   First grade starts!   My grandma leaves us, that was very hard on us all.   Good soccer season, tennis!  I win an award at work for two awesome spots!

2012:  Basketball starts!  Delaney turns 7 and looses her first tooth on the same day!   Fun trip to Tahoe for snowboarding, skiing, sledding and more!   Daisy Girl Scouts starts and Delaney sells almost 200 boxes!    Summer Camp:  VBS and Basketball camp where Delaney gets named Camper of the Week!  Tennis!   My department gets eliminated, and we are all laid-off.   Second grade starts!   Another great soccer season and the Daisies bridge to Brownies.   Delaney gets a super report card, reading at 5th grade level in English, 3rd in Spanish!   2nd Annual Pajama Potluck for Christmas!  Oh, I got re-hired with a promotion!

2013:  So far so good, sort of.  It is busy at work with the transition and one person down, my person!  I am doing both jobs right now and new processes are in place.  I am excited for the new position, but trying to get through the changes right now!
We are preparing for Delaney's 8th birthday by planning a science party!   On top of that, mom had surgery and is recovering well.   And we are gearing up for cookie season....contact me if you want your Girl Scout order in!!

Okay, that was a quickie update!!   Say hi if you have stopped by!
HUGS!   cyn and delaney