Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A New Robe!

This weekend I purused the Sunday morning ads and (no surprise here) I found some things on sale and we decided to head out shopping! Of course, you can't just go into Target or Macy's and ONLY look at the ONE thing you saw in the advertisement!

My mom and I did find our ad items, but we also checked out the other departments and my mom ended up buying this adorable robe for Delaney. "I've never had a robe before!" (well, she had a swim cover-up we called a robe, but she's right, first robe!)

Who would have thought she would love it SOOO much! That child has not taken that *adorbale* robe off for three days!! She almost went to school in it! Last night she fell asleep in it and when I carried her up to bed and took it off.....well, let's just say that little 4 year old unleashed the devil on me!! he he!!

It IS very soft and cozy and pink...and did I say *adorable*? I'm thinking not so much anymore......