Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Official Soccer Picture!

Here is Little Missy's "official" soccer picture. Mrs. Beckham! I asked her Saturday after soccer if she felt like David Beckham.....she played even better than before, and is very fast! She smiled and said, "like the girl in the movie?" And I said "Yes," then she said, "The girl with brown skin or the girl with skin like me?"

I swear every conversation with that child takes an unexpected turn, not right or left, even, just an unexpected turn......you'd think I would know by now...he he!

Up next, her dance performance pics from this weekend, also. Wouldn't you know, Always-Camera-Ready-Mommy had a dead battery in both the video camera and the still camera! Luckily, another Mom said she will share her pics with me and took some of Delaney on stage! Thank goodness for other Always-Camera-Ready-Mommies!! I think my friend, Ray, said once, Watch out for a Mom with a camera!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bend It Like Beckham!!

Little Missy has been sooooo EXCITED to start soccer and the day finally arrived Saturday! We woke up to the VERY strange sound in California of thunder and gray skies. Then it made a good attempt at rain which, luckily never amounted to much. When I told her it might rain, "But it's my first day of soccer, doesn't God want me to play soccer today?"

Well, turned out He did...he he!!
We may just be fostering a little Beckham out there?? (btw, she LOVES that movie, too!)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer's End...

August was a busy month and we are glad to have it behind us! We had a garage sale with our neighbors, TONS of work and time and we only made about $200!! But, we straightened out the garage, got rid of a LOT of stuff AND painted the garage floor! Something I've been wanting to do for long time! Still not quite sorted through ALL the cr*p, but almost!

This month also marked my dad's 70th birthday! He had a little eye surgery before his birthday, so we had a quiet celebration with some family members at the house. Delaney learned how to play Texas Hold "Em from her cousins......boys will be boys! he he!
Little Missy had some more swim lessons, another session where she passed with flying colors...since getting our pool this summer, she had also decided she did not need her floatie any more! This was before her lessons! That was crazy, she taught herself to swim! Mom's fearful of this child having NO fear! Geez!
We had a really nice time with Alice and Karina at the State Fair, dropped a wad of cash there! Delaney's first fair, she rode on the huge ferris wheel, milked a cow, and rode a pony! We have such a nice State Fair here, we always enjoy it. She asked about seeing bears everywhere at the fairgrounds. I reminded her that the bear was on the California state flag and she asked, "What does that have to do with the fair?" When I told her that this was the California State Fair, she exclaimed, "Oh, I actually heard about that on TV!" Guess I need to explain more to her when we do something!

Getting ready for school to start, her pre-school has a work day where all the parents come clean up the playground and classroom before school starts. Last year I painted three picnic tables and this year I washed the windows and painted the rocking horses! I will be glad not have to do that next year when she starts kindergarten!

August 8th was our third Family Day! I can't believe it's been three years since I have had the honor of being this beautiful child's Mommy! Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for putting us together. She is my light and everyday I get unsolicited, "I love you's". What could be better? We celebrated by going to play mini-golf and having a pajama party! FUN!!

Lokoing forward to school and all her other structured activities starting! Soccer starts soon and she's excited about that! So am I, last week I bought her shin guards and she wore them all night and even slept in them! My little nut!!!
Okay, no complaints, my friends you are updated!! he he!!