Monday, September 14, 2009

Bend It Like Beckham!!

Little Missy has been sooooo EXCITED to start soccer and the day finally arrived Saturday! We woke up to the VERY strange sound in California of thunder and gray skies. Then it made a good attempt at rain which, luckily never amounted to much. When I told her it might rain, "But it's my first day of soccer, doesn't God want me to play soccer today?"

Well, turned out He did...he he!!
We may just be fostering a little Beckham out there?? (btw, she LOVES that movie, too!)


RamblingMother said...

How fun. She looks like she has a handle on that soccer ball. G is going to play Upwards Basketball and her main concern is what does she have to wear.

MemberNYPD said...

She's a beauty and you're a great Mom!!

PS - thanks for adding my blog, how ever boring it is now, to your list!!