Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Official Soccer Picture!

Here is Little Missy's "official" soccer picture. Mrs. Beckham! I asked her Saturday after soccer if she felt like David Beckham.....she played even better than before, and is very fast! She smiled and said, "like the girl in the movie?" And I said "Yes," then she said, "The girl with brown skin or the girl with skin like me?"

I swear every conversation with that child takes an unexpected turn, not right or left, even, just an unexpected turn......you'd think I would know by now...he he!

Up next, her dance performance pics from this weekend, also. Wouldn't you know, Always-Camera-Ready-Mommy had a dead battery in both the video camera and the still camera! Luckily, another Mom said she will share her pics with me and took some of Delaney on stage! Thank goodness for other Always-Camera-Ready-Mommies!! I think my friend, Ray, said once, Watch out for a Mom with a camera!!!


S.Wise said...

Miss Delaney is growing up so fast! I just love her soccer picture!!!

MemberNYPD said...

Girlie...too adorable! Love it!!! How are you my little busy-bee buddy!!!