Thursday, October 8, 2009

Food On Our Plates

Everyday when I leave for work, Little Missy asks me to stay home, but she hugs and kisses me and goes outside and watches me drive away from the sidewalk while holding up the "I love you" sign and blowing me kisses as I round the corner. It is our little ritual we do everyday and we both love it! he he!

As I was dressing this morning, she was laying on my bed, eating cereal from the box.. and she was smiling, almost laughing. When I inquired about the source of her early morning happiness, she said, "I am glad you are going to work!" "What?" My child that begs me to stay home for 100 days and is estatic when I take time off and is sad on Mondays.....and calls me at work to say, "I miss you," and walks around carrying my picture when I am gone? Mommy must know more....

When I asked why this sudden change of heart, she said, "Because you going to work gives us money to put food on our plates. And, Mom, I like to eat!"

Thus the learned wisdom of a four-year-old!
(Here she is with our Family Day pajama party "Feast" in August.)

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