Saturday, June 30, 2007

Animals and Rides at Discovery Kingdom

Over Memorial Day weekend we headed over to Marine World, which is only 20 minutes from us. I knew Delaney would love it and, of course, Mommy was right. It's called Discovery Kingdom this year, but everyone in the area still refers to it as Marine World. Nothing went high enough or fast enough for Little Missy! And she is barely tall enough to go on the rides we did get to ride and I had to go with her! I got my mom a season pass so they can go whenever they want over the summer, and they have been a few times now. Guess some of the folks have let Delaney just barely hit the height line, her favorite ride now is the frog jump. She kept telling the elephant to go faster, too! We are still working on her sitting like a "big girl" at the shows, but I'm sure it will come as she gets older. She likes the sharks and dolphins, but her favorite animals are the tigers and lions and giraffes! She keeps wanting to touch them! She watched Mommy ride the "big roll" (roller coaster) and said, "yea, Mommy no fall!" I was also glad I didn't fall!! he he!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Just For Fun ~ Headshots!

My goofy little girl, loves to put things on her head. The other day, she wore a purse on her head all evening and held on to it so tight for fear of it falling off. When I tried to get her to put her hands up in the air for a picture, she would only put up one, the other holding on to the purse on her head. I would say, "Put the other had out," and she would switch her hands! It was so funny. So I thought I'd find all the pictures I have of her with things on her head.....a bucket, her potty, hats, a pair of pants, her Baby Einstein DVD box......what a flipping nut!! She also, for whatever reason a 2 year old has, likes to put on her hat and gloves, tells me to sit at the end of the upstairs hallway, goes into her room by her bed...then runs to me and jumps into my arms! This is only done while wearing the hat and gloves, however. Well, at least she found a use for them, she would not keep her gloves on in the snow!

This is only one of the reasons I am so blissfully happy to get to be this silly, wonderful, happy child's Mommy! There are some days I don't always feel that way....she is 2 after all !! he he!

Friday, June 15, 2007

My First Mother's Day!

Although I had met and petitioned to adopt Delaney last year, we were not together on Mother's Day! This year, we were and it was so sweet! Delaney and Grandma gave me presents in bed and Delaney kept saying, "open it, open it, Mommy!" From Delaney was a lovely heart pendant with three diamonds that said "Mom". From my mom was a beautiful colored stone bracelet with gold. Delaney and I bought my mom a bike. Delaney kept saying all week, "Grandma's bike, garage!" But Grandma never caught on! They have been having a blast going on bike rides during the day and Delaney sits in the back singing and snacking. How did I end up putting together the bike trailer on MY first Mother's Day? We took video instead of pics of them riding the bike, just in case Mom fell over!! he he!

We had champagne in the evening and Delaney had Sprite in a martini glass! We went out to brunch and little Missy discovered the Chocolate Fountain! She thought she'd gone to heaven!

My Little Fish!

We have been to the beach a few times and Delaney's has loved it! Not afraid of the water at all, would swim to China if I let her! So it didn't surprise me when we took swim lessons in April that she was a little fish! She blew bubbles, dove under to get the rings, jumped off the side! She still asks to go to swimming lessons! I will probably put her in another session, but she has gymnastics and music right now! A long cry from the first time I tried to give her a bath in Russia! She keeps saying she wants to be a swimmer or a tennis player. But she has also said she wants to play football and soccer, too! Oh, and dont' forget ice skating! She does keep coming back to swimming, though. We took this picture when she was crying during her first bath! I am such a mean Mommy! Her first trip to the beach was all smiles, though!