Friday, June 15, 2007

My Little Fish!

We have been to the beach a few times and Delaney's has loved it! Not afraid of the water at all, would swim to China if I let her! So it didn't surprise me when we took swim lessons in April that she was a little fish! She blew bubbles, dove under to get the rings, jumped off the side! She still asks to go to swimming lessons! I will probably put her in another session, but she has gymnastics and music right now! A long cry from the first time I tried to give her a bath in Russia! She keeps saying she wants to be a swimmer or a tennis player. But she has also said she wants to play football and soccer, too! Oh, and dont' forget ice skating! She does keep coming back to swimming, though. We took this picture when she was crying during her first bath! I am such a mean Mommy! Her first trip to the beach was all smiles, though!

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Jiinkin Designs said...

OH my goodness. She has come a long way. Your sweet little girl is growing up!!!