Friday, June 15, 2007

My First Mother's Day!

Although I had met and petitioned to adopt Delaney last year, we were not together on Mother's Day! This year, we were and it was so sweet! Delaney and Grandma gave me presents in bed and Delaney kept saying, "open it, open it, Mommy!" From Delaney was a lovely heart pendant with three diamonds that said "Mom". From my mom was a beautiful colored stone bracelet with gold. Delaney and I bought my mom a bike. Delaney kept saying all week, "Grandma's bike, garage!" But Grandma never caught on! They have been having a blast going on bike rides during the day and Delaney sits in the back singing and snacking. How did I end up putting together the bike trailer on MY first Mother's Day? We took video instead of pics of them riding the bike, just in case Mom fell over!! he he!

We had champagne in the evening and Delaney had Sprite in a martini glass! We went out to brunch and little Missy discovered the Chocolate Fountain! She thought she'd gone to heaven!


Jiinkin Designs said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day! Gosh... how did I forget to say that to you? You guys look soooo very happy together!!! We need to get together soon!

Leonard Stegmann said...

The weather is warm and I'm rested. When are you coming back to HMB?

Cyndi ~ Delaney's Mom said...

Wow, Lenny! You've recovered pretty quickly from your last trip to the beach with Delaney! She is ALWAYS ready!

MandyJo013078 said...

Delaney is so cute! I really enjoy reading your blog! I'm thinking about adopting also! Have a great night!