Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First Day of Pre-School !! All is well...not Mommy!

Delaney started the 2-day a week, 4 hours a day program at the Presbyterian Church today. Last week we went for an orientation and she loved it! She was so excited today and carefully chose an outfit (from choices I gave her) and loved her new lunch box that she picked out this weekend. She did want the SpiderMan lunch box, though, but I was able to talk her out of it. Here are some pics and the link to a little bit of video I took.

She did great....Mommy did not! I hung around for a while, went out to the car to cry and came back to check on her only to find her happily playing! When she got home, my mom called me at work to let her talk to me on the phone....."I played and ran and drew circles, a blue one and green one, and read a book ...and went on the big, big slide like this...." it was so cute!
Although, I am proud of myself ~ I had a meeting with a client afterwards and had to drive right back by the school on my way back to the office and although I was tempted..I did not stop! My mom said that Delaney was happy to see her when she picked her up and then asked where I was! Thank goodness!! he he!


Anonymous said...

From Hannah:

"you look very cute at school...let's be together..Rainy don't be scared, Mommy comes back".

What a big girl she is..she looks so darn cute. I know it is a little hard at first, but now that Hannah has been in preschool for 2 months now, I KNOW it is the BEST decision we could have made. Wait till you see how much she learns!

Andrew & Stephanie said...


Brave Mommy! You made it through and it sounds like Delaney is loving pre-school! That's wonderful!!

P.S. Her hair is getting so long!!! Very Pretty!

MandyJo013078 said...

She is so cute! I'm so glad that you shared that I'm sure it must be hard to send her to preschool! Watching the babies grow up is hard. Congrats that you've raised a child who is confident and out going and ready for preschool! Gold star for MOM! Have a wonderful day! I enjoy reading your blog and hope to be an adoptive parent soon myself.

Joy said...

What do you mean. I think you did great too. She is a jewel.

Beverly said...

Very cute and very grown up.