Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can you do this?????

Finally....she's been trying, REALLY trying, for well over a year....not one by any other went unnoticed, not only that someone could do it, but more specifically that SHE could NOT! "When will I be able to do it, Mommy? How do you do it? Why can't I make any noise?".....that is...until.....NOW!!!!!! (turn up the volume...) ( you will also have to turn down the playlist volume at the bottom of the page...)

INTRODUCING......Miss Delaney, who can now SNAP !!!!!

She snaps at the dinner table, in the car, walking from the car, she has shown her teacher, her friends, a woman carrying a baby in ther parking lot, the cleark at Costco...all who have willingly indulged her....most importantly, SHE is very impressed with herself !!!! Not sure what is better, the constant effort or the constant least the snapping is pretty quiet..........

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