Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Family Day #2

Delaney and I and Grandma celebrated Family Day #2 Saturday, Aug 9th, the official day a judge in Russia declared us a family being August 8th! Poor baby was sick this past week, so we changed our plans from the water park to the little rides at Nut Tree, closer to home, as well.

After presents, making our famous heart shaped cake, riding the rides at Nut Tree, and dinner at Olive Garden, Little Missy could not go any furhter, and pooped out on the sofa quite early!

We finished the cake the next day, and she had a blast playing with her gifts! She especially loved her new camera and Candy Land game! I found this really cool "kids" camera and she went outside and took pictures of everything, her swing, the flowers...etc.

I can't believe these past two is trully awsome and amazing to be this wonderful child's Mommy, we both cannot be any luckier! Today she said she was so happy because she had a nice Family Day and that her heart was a happy heart because she loves her family! Can you belive it!!!??? I love this kid more I ever imagined!!!

Here are various pics from the day, plus one two years ago, just after I changed her to take her from the BH! She sure has grown!! Yikes!!!


S.Wise said...

I can't believe how much Delaney has grown! When you put those two pictures next to each other... WOW!

Happy 2nd Family Day!!!! Hugs!


Beverly said...

happy forever family day!