Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Circus

Hi friends! Sorry I have not posted in such along time, it's been a super busy summer and we were on vacation or two weeks ~ post to come ~ and we had colds...well, you know how it goes! It's so hard to get computer time at home and posting on the blogs at work is blocked....dang it! he he!!

I will catch up with posts from earlier this year, but for now ~

We went to the circus this weekend! I hadn't been in forever and it was Delaney's first. Grandma came, because I know she really likes it, too! A friend of Delaney's she takes dance and gymnastics with invited us to join them and we had a blast!

So what does a three year old like best about the circus??!?!

~ The farting clowns!!! Well, they were pretty funny!

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