Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Smokey Mountain Vacation

Delaney and I just got back from our vacation to Tennessee and the Smokey Mountains! We had a great time visiting with our Russian Families and two other adoptive families I know, also Russia and Kaz.

We stayed with our friend near Nashville for a few days before heading to meet the other families in Gatlinburg. The kids got to swim, go to the Rain Forest Cafe, make a Build a Bear, and then we visited my friend and her little girl from Kaz for a cook-out (as you folks on the east coast say!).

When we got to the Smokeys, we had fun at the resort swimming and visting and going to Dollywood, where nothing went high enough or fast enough for Delaney, who was one of the youngest of the six kids! She'd be on a ride and ask if this thing went any faster!

We picniced in the mountains and got wet in the streams. And....finally...I got Delaney to pee in the woods! he he! She would not ever do it before, but we finally got her to do it one day, more out of nescessity on a hike, so that pic of her next to the stream is where she peed in the woods for the first time! Who would have thought that was an exciting part of the trip? he he!

We got back to Jane's and the girls had a tea party at a cottage restaurant and then we visited with another family who's kids are from the same BH. I tell you these kids together just pick up where they left off each year! I think they sense that connection and just know it's there...fighting and all! he he!

I didn't realize how beautiful it is there! Very lush and green. Butterflies everywhere! In Gatlinburg we rode the Sky Lift to the top of the mountain for a wonderful view! Delaney discovered Sweet Tea! Apparently, I don't make it as well as Jane! "It's doesn't taste the same ,Mom!"

And, I do beleive my three year old is flashing some kind of gang sign in that photo in the tub.....????????

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