Thursday, October 30, 2008

Re-Adoption finally Complete!

Well, after two years home, I finally did Delaney's re-adoption! My adversion to paperwork after the adoption process was the, I need deadlines or else...he he!
The judge was so nice (Delaney nicknamed him "Judgie") and gave Delaney a teddy bear and a balloon and let her sign her name on the part where the form would have an older child sign and then when he said he declared approval of the adoption, Delaney exclaimed, "You get to be my Mommy all the days?!!?" with great excitement!

So, later when I asked her if she understood what the judge had said, she said we were together forever! Then I mentioned, he also said you had to listen to Mommy and be good for me....her eyes opened wide and she said, "I didn't hear him say that part!!!"

We celebrated with breakfast at IHOP and then headed over to a little amusement park we have that for little kids. When I asked her if she had a good day she said yes and, "I'm so happy we are together all the days and forever!" I am so lucky to have this child !!

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Beverly said...

Smart kid, if she didn't hear it he didn't say it!!