Sunday, January 4, 2009

Unbelieveable ~ The Best Thing EVER!!!

The other day, Delaney wanted to color and do was morning and I wanted to have some coffee and veg, so I let her loose at her little table with crayons, markers and glitter pens. A little while later she asked me how to spell Mommy....well she recognizes the word when she see its, so I told her, "You know how...."
She said, is it M-o-o-o...something else...and I just casually said yes....
a few minutes later she came over to me with this......I have not even been really been working with her on writing because she's not that interested right now....she perfers to do it verbally instead of writing and knows letters and sounds BUT....
HOLY CRAP!!! A couple months ago she was just scribbling....the other thing on the page is a sunflower, she told me, because I like them!!
Talk about a Mommy Moment!!!! I am off to buy a frame......Have I ever mentioned I TRULLY LOVE THIS CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????


Amy said...

Aww that's the sweetest thing!! You should frame it!!!

Thanks for your tips on the Big Guy in the red suit!

Jessi said...

Ah! Oh my goodness...what a Mommy moment indeed. Delaney is just the sweetest! Looking forward to continuing to watch her grow.

Beverly said...

way to go!!

Carrie said...

OMG! These photos are adorable. I saw you had a blog on your Facebook site and thought I'd take a look. She's such a princess!

Oh and love the blog layout too! You got the background from the same place I did..(Cutest Blog on the Block) what a fab website of free backgrounds, though I did donate some $$s.. Oh to have such talent... A design friend recommended it.. how did you find them?

Be well