Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day and Car Sickness

Well, Father's Day brought up a few questions about Little Missy not having a Daddy...luckily all she's really said is, "I wish I had a Daddy!" She hasn't asked why and I can mostly make her happy with saying she has Grandpa!

At first she wanted to give the gift she made at school for Father's Day to me...YES! I am Mommy AND Daddy most days!! he he! I already spent a lot of time around the house doing things a Dad would do, fixing fallen curtain rods, taking out the trash, (I'd marry just about anybody for this!!), painting...I have an 18 volt drill...I am FIX-It Mommy! I own a variety of srewdrivers to fix the variety of toys that have an infinite number of sized screws....geez, drives me nuts...of yes, jars of nuts and bolts and nails and screws....he he!! I digress....

We made our way to Grandpa's this weekend to celebrate Father's Day with him. As Delaney told my neighbor yesterday, "We went to Mom's Dad's house!" I have no idea why she said it that way! "You mean your Grandpa's?" my neighbor said, "Yup, my Grandpa, my Mom's Dad." Guess she's just putting it into perspective!
Here she is on the way up, watching Beauty and the Beast. I just thought it was very funny her sitting back there all wired up and content eating crackers.

We had fun at Dad's, went out for Chinese food on Saturday night and she could not wait to give him the picture and frame she made at school...(yes, I gave it up for my Dad!!) So she gave it to him Saturday. It was a magnet, so it is being rpoudly displayed on Grandpa's fridge! I love the look on Grandpa's face in this picture, his was thanking her for the gift! His gifts on Sunday were on 8x10 of the Spring photo and a Leatherman tool.

They always go for "Woods" walks, and in the winter it's a snow walk. I remembering taking a picture about two weeks after coming home in Aug 2006 of them walking and took the other one this Sunday! Can you believe how much she has grown in three years? A couple weekends ago I was shocked I had to buy her size 11 shoes! Size 10 was too big just a couple months ago! She has always had big "boatfeet"!

Little Missy has always bee very healthy, thank goodness! A few colds, and only once has she ever thrown up! Well, now twice! Let's just say, winding mountain roads, looking down at the DVD player and a large blue Icee did not a good combo make! She told me she was dizzy, thent old me her tummy hurts, then mentioned it again, and it finally dawned on me why....I looked back at her white face and knew what was I grabbed the DVD player from her and gave her a bag, just in time! Whew, electronics and car saved! We stopped just a few mintures from Dad's and she managed to make it there fine...a piece of bread and Sierr aMist and she was just fine! We are headed on a long road trip next month, so I need to remember she can't watch a movie when the roads get hilly or winding. I'ts funny, because she has in iron clad tummy! Like I said this was only the second time in three years she's thrown up....I know how lucky I am! (and in more ways than just that!)


S.Wise said...

Hey lady!
We just got back from vacation! I'm glad you two had a good time! Looks like the car ride was a little eventful!!!

RamblingMother said...

what a sweetheart she is!