Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Moon, Why, and Can I go at the Mall?

So here's the latest update.....The MOON: Delaney told me the other night the moon has candy in it and she wanted to open it up and get the candy. I decided to play with her and told her the moon was made of cheese and she said, "I like cheese! The moon has candy and cheese, let's go get it Mama!" We went to get our hair done and all the way home she was looking for the moon, I said we would look at it when we got home....nope, it's still too light to see it! ARRGGHHH!

"Where's the moon, Mommy, is it coming out?"Later she went poo-poo on the potty so I told her we could go look at the moon, so we went outside and it was full and low in the sky, so she wants to touch it! Me ~ We can't touch it, baby, it's too far away....."Let's go touch it in the new car, Mama!" (we have a new car! which is a whole other story about her and the CD changer!) We said good night to the moon and as we were going upstairs, she says she wants cheese...................................ARRGGHHH! again!

WHY: Little Missy now asks "WHY" in her sleep! Last night she wanted to take her little Matroyshka doll that rattles to bed. (loud as heck on the monitor!) When I went to bed and checked on her, I took the rattle out of her bed, along with a plastic Polly Pocket, and a little car, so she wouldn't roll on it while she sleeps. Half asleep she says, "M-toy-sha, Mom" I said, "You can't sleep with it, baby." A soft "Why?" comes out of her usually loud voice.
"So you won't get an owie while you sleep."
Another soft, "Why, Mommy?" "M-toy-sha go nite-nite on da shelf?"
"Yes, baby"
"Why, Mommy? She got time-out? Why?"
"Go to sleep, baby!"
"Mommy go nite nite?" Her voice is still very soft and she is obviously falling back asleep....
"Yes, Mommy's going nite-nite, g'night, I love you." As I leave the room......
"Why, Mom, doing? Go nite-nite, shut da lights off at the water park? Why......"
I keep's quiet!

POTTY: Delaney's doing great with potty training! No accidents, sometimes misses placing herself over the toilet and will even go in public EVERY public restroom, I mean we have seen the inside of every bathroom within a 20 mile radius! I think she's either planning an escape route or is going re-design them all! Well, she had to go the other day and we had been to the mall.....she told me she had to go poo-poo.....but wanted to go at the MALL!!

I think I am doomed!!! The pic: What happens when you let a 2 year dress themselves!


Beverly said...

Well, she has her own sense of style. She is adorable.


Joy said...

She is beautiful. I think the shoes really work with that outfit. I hope you do not mind me reading your story.

yorkiemom said...

She is absolutely precious. You really have to love how a 2 year old's mind works.