Sunday, September 2, 2007

Developmental Milestones...Why oh why?

The time has come where we have reached very significant developmental milestones with 2.5 old Delaney……

1) She was potty trained successfully last week! LOVES her new panties and when Mommy does the PEE-PEE and POO-POO dance! Only a couple small accidents! Even went at Grandpa’s house yesterday and stayed dry on the 2 hour drive there!

2) She has become obsessed with where the Moon goes during the day! Mommy’s answer, “The moon goes to sleep during the day,” only sparks the next milestone…..

3) THE DREADED…….”WHY?” Just in the last couple weeks and gaining speed she has been asking “why?” to everything!! She had been asking “Where, who…,” so I knew “Why?” was around the corner! Not a single answer suffices! I have been through this with my nieces and nephews….but how much more crazy does it drive you 24/7? I have tried so hard to answer and be patient and consider it learning and have tried to re-pharse her questions…..every now and then I get an “Oh.” But OMG!!! When will it stop? He he!! Just trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel…..well, I know there’s something else waiting down there……she will be three soon! YIKES!!!!


Anonymous said...


Hello from Shelley, an old workpal from KUSI!
I was thinking of you and your annual Xmas letter and found this on my online search. are a mom! I am so happy for you. It's funny, but early tonight I printed out the aplication for adoption thru the County of San Diego as we are going to start trying. Wow, email me back.

Beverly said...

Sometimes just because is a good answer or mommy said so. Also a good answer is "why do you think?"

Glenys does that why too and sometimes it is truly because she wants to talk.


Leonard Stegmann said...

Try this: next time you notice that the moon is out during the day tell her "Oh OK, Mommy will make the moon come out in the daytime just for you." Then do some mumbo-jumbo and show her the moon. That should mess with her head for a few years!

Melissa said...

First time commenter :) I agree with Beverly...turn it around on her & say, "well, what do you think?" I bet she'll come up with some great answers!! :)


Melissa! Thanks, I will try turning the why on her! God only knows what she will say! I'll let you know!! he he!