Saturday, March 15, 2008

Okay! Long Time, No Posts!

Hello friends! Sorry I have been lazy about updating, but you knew this would happen with me!! he he! The New Year has been SUPER busy, but good! So here's a few updates!

Christmas 2007: Was wonderful !!! We spent Christmas Eve as always at Grandma Bobbie's and had a really nice time! Delaney made reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn and was so excited for Santa to come! I had her sleep with me Christmas Eve so Santa could exchange the crib for the Big Girl bed he was bringing. On Christmas morning when we woke up, after a month of asking if she could open presents and when was Santa coming.....she somehow forgot it was Christmas! WHAT? I asked her who came last night, because I wanted to take her into her room straight away....she said she didn't know. Then she told me Baby Jesus came last night night! Aw!! I am doing something right, Baby Jesus came before Santa! (of course 30 minutes later she was asking, "Are there any more presents for ME?!) She kept syaing how pretty her big girl bed was and was trully amazed at how Santa swtiched the beds while she was asleep!

We came downstairs to find that Santa had left, of course, a pink scooter and a big new kitchen! We opened presents forever and enjoyed family and friends over later that day, with yummy ham and fixings!!!! When Auntie Ne and her gang came over, the doorbell rang and Little Missy said, "It's Baby Jesus!"
She must have taken every single one of our 15 or so guests upstairs to see her Big Girl bed at least twice! And she kept telling me how much she loved her new kitchen. But most of all, she kept wanting to know when Baby Jesus was coming!

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