Monday, December 31, 2007

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It's always exciting as the anticipation builds up for Santa's arrival! What's more exciting is watching your child as she is amazed at everything holiday related. She liked Christmas last year and remembers we had apples on the tree and liked snowmen because they have hats. But this just turns me into mush as I watch her try to learn every word to every song...and she knows them, too! And as she asks me to drive around so we can go look at lights. "I love looking at Christmas lights, Mommy!"

We went up to Dixon to cut down a tree and enjoyed riding the "sleigh" (a tractor) and the ATV train. As we were coming home, Delaney asked, "Are we going to put up the tree up now?" And she would barely let me take our "Traditional" picture of her on top of the car with the tree so we could put up, and I quote a two-year-old...."The Best Christmas Tree EVER!"

She was so good about the presents, never even tried to open them, but I told her we couldn't until Santa came and we wore our Christmas pajamas. But, every day, a few times a day, she keeps asking...I think just to check!!

We went to a party and my friend had a snow machine and boy was that a hit! Christmas is so very different and wonderful through your child's eyes! She saw Santa at the town square where there small groups perfroming and the kids dance and sang and Delaney did not want to leave. And what was really cute was that after she got of Santa's lap, she told me, "I only said two things, Mommy!" Like somehow she knew she should not read off her entire list to him. (And she has a list....he he!!)


Beverly said...

What fun picts. I missed the GMA one too. Maybe you can find it on-line and link to it?


Becca said...

Are you by any chance related to Roy Ramsell? He was my grandfather. I am trying to put my family tree together. My e-mail is
Please lat me know either way.
Thank you for your time.
Rebecca Daugherty