Monday, December 31, 2007

A Delayed Update!!

Hi Friends....sorry I haven't been on top of updates! As you all have been busy these last couple months, so have we!! So here's some quick pictures for you!

Delaney had a fun Halloween with her friends, Valerie and Natalie. They loved trick or treating and even Valerie said it wasn't scarry!!

Mom had a birthday in November and we had a nice and quiet Thanksgiving. We went out to brunch for her birthday with some friends and met Aunt Ruthie one day for lunch after Thanksgiving. She was visting in the South Bay and on her way home to Redding. First time for her to see Delaney and they had fun visting!

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MandyJo013078 said...

Cyndi -
Thanks for the update! I'd been wondering how you'd been doing! Looks like you all had a busy holiday season as well!