Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009's Top of the Car with the Tree Pic

A few weeks ago when we brought home the tree.....I do not know how many more years I can lift her up on top of the car....but taking the pic has been our little tradition since she's been home....
And here's Delaney's new tradition, the PINK Russian Tree! I thought I would get her very own small tree so we could put all the Russian ornaments we have on it and it would be "her" Russian tree, and, of course, being 4, she picked out this VERY pink tree! he he!! Not sure if a pink tree is very Russian, but it's cute and she's very pleased with it!
Merry Christmas!!

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Amy said...

I love this tradition. Please continue even when she needs a ladder to get up there :)

Merry Christmas!!

Oh -- T has a pink tree in her room too, so it MUST be a Russian thing!