Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A conversation about Pineapples and Palm Tress...

Not really a Christmassy-thing…but a Delaney funny nonetheless.
While driving Little Missy to school the other SNOWY, cold day, it went something like this…

“Mommy, what do pineapples grow in to?”

“They don’t grow into anything except pineapples.”

“Well, what are those tress called that look like the tops of pineapples?”

“Palm tress? Yes, honey you are right, the tops of pineapples do look like palm trees.”

“So pineapples just stay pineapples, they don’t grow into palm trees?"

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Well, it’s kinda funny how they look the same and they both grow in Hawaii but pineapples don’t grow into palm trees?”

“Why is that funny?”

“They have to turn into something!”

“No, baby, pineapples are pineapples and palm trees are palm trees.”

“Palm trees don’t grow into anything either?”


“Well, how come some are short and some are tall?”

“There are different kinds of palm trees.”

“If there are different kinds, why don’t they turn into anything or why don’t pineapples turn into palm trees?”

“That’s not how God made them, he made palm tress and he made pineapples.”

“But he made them both grow in Hawaii.”

“Yes, he did, that’s why Hawaii is so beautiful.”

“We’d better go to Hawaii right away and straighten this all out!!!!”

“We’d better, huh?

“Yes, I think God would want it that way.”

Delaney again: “Oh, and mom, can we get some pineapples today?”


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