Thursday, November 10, 2016

A LOTTA Fundraising!!

We are still smack dab in the middle fundraising!    I have new opportunity partnering with One Mission, a fanastic company that offers wonderful products...just in time for your Christmas shopping!!! One Mission adheres to exceptionally high standards of production and sustainability for absolutely everything they make. This includes a commitment to Made in the USA, No Animal Testing, Recycled Corrugate & Shipping Material, and a whole list of other product standards that ensure the highest level of performance and safety for you, your family, and our planet. Please visit the site and find lovely gifts to give that do good for a lot of good people! 40% of the proceeds go directly to our adoption fund!

There are candles, soap, jewelry, photo canvases, and more!

If you'd like to donate directly  to our adoption fund, you can via our GoFundMe page:   or contact me for other ways of helping!

 Tax deductible donations can be made to our agency, Across The World Adoptions, through PayPal in my name at

Love to you all !!

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