Monday, January 16, 2017

We are moving through the adoption process in China, which is very exciting!    It is expected that we will receive our Letter of Approval/Confirmation this coming week.  Afterwards, there are still several more steps to complete (more paperwork)  before the process will be completed and we are invited to travel to China to get Yi Yuan!  We are hoping by the end of March.

The local paper did a very nice article this weekend about us and we appreciate the chance to share our story.    Here is the link:

While this is exciting, it also means we need to continue to ask for fundraising help, and quickly.   We have current fees due to our agency in the amount of $11,000 .   (Plus travel expenses)   I am so very blessed for the help and support we have already received, and know we are grateful for each and every dollar, purchase, shoe donation and even prayers.  

Please share or forward this link, so we can get Yi Yuan home.
He is waiting, but he cannot wait much longer.    In his last video he asked that we "come quickly, to bring me home to Amercia".    Let's make that happen together!

Thank you all so very much, with love and gratitude ~ Cyndi, Sylvia, Delaney and Yi Yuan

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